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Who We are

RDC Architects (Pvt) Ltd is an intentionally small studio type well established practice providing designs for diversified many categories of Buildings. Energetic approach in handling of any scale projects and proven sensible capabilities to render total Architectural solutions while maintaining close Client Consultant relationship has been the success story of this active team lead by award winning Architect. Russell Dandeniya for their steadily growing immaculate project portfolio over the recent years.

RDCA is operating with unique core of young energetic team of Chartered Architects and undertaken training of Undergraduate and Post Graduate Architects and other technical staff thereby make invaluable service to the industry as well as to the country by producing and well maintaining a state-of –the –art office fully equipped with all modern software + facilities for more over than 10 years.

Principal Architect has won several awards and recognitions both locally and internationally, deserved for top key positions in the field of Architecture, for the services rendered and contribution made to the Architectural fraternity as an initiator, explorer, learner, teacher, mentor, influencing and socially responsible Architect-leader, most importantly as the Director of the firm more over than 10 years as the Principal Architect.

The Company has a principle of making joint ventures with reputed Project Management/Engineering / Quantity Surveying Consultancy services where necessary for larger Local and International projects by providing purely Architectural Consultancy Services & assigning externally connected specialist consultants for allied services rather in pinch in- house limited resources, to offer expert consultancy inputs to clients, by virtually creating the largest consortium consultancy firm with growing links & long term working methodologies with these consultants of various successful projects for esteem set of private and corporate clients in different parts of SL.


Providing future-oriented “Sustainable, Resilient, Safer” total Architectural solutions innovatively for individual and co-operate clients, harmonizing their needs with “nature/context/programme” within agreed Costs, Quality and Time constraints.

Scope of Service

Close and In-depth involvement in every project from inception -selecting sites, preparation of project proposals, Designing, Detailing of Architectural solutions up to the most finite information and Construction Management with assured high standards. Co-ordination with other relevant Authorities, Professionals, and other organizations locally on behalf of the client / “as local representatives for international mega development projects for investors, and for International Architects firms as proactive local consultants”, in their related services in high standard deliverables in all aspect Architectural Services including Cost Quality and Scheduled Time management with assured flexibility for the most valued clients for their respective Design Assignments/Programmes.


To become most Client’ “Satisfied” intentionally -Smallest Architectural Firm Responsible from tiny bed space for larger scale remarkable few Developments in Sri Lanka/ Overseas who Designs minimum of 100 times of the office foot print-annually, where we operating the business; through sustainable, futuristic Architectural innovations.


To become “Most clients’ Focused” -intentionally smallest and personalized Architectural Firm in 2025 through timeless Architectural Creations using all the opportunities from tiny assignment to larger scale project with equal attention and greater satisfaction for all the clients.