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Award winning Architect Russell Dandeniya established RDCA in September 2008 and subsequently found RDC Architects (Pvt) Ltd to broaden its activities. Since then this small studio based practice has become very popular in a short period, absorbing a unique core of competent young Chartered architects and a range of externally connected specialist consultants. Over the last decade, it has grown steadily in experience and strength, bringing in a unique and inventive high quality, futuristic and practical Architecture for others to follow. The team spirit, an energetic approach in handling any scale projects and proven sensible capabilities to render total innovative Architectural solutions to client’s pragmatic project briefs –together with an excellent Client-Consultant relationship-have resulted in successful projects in various parts of the island. Multiple projects from same clients have been considered as the Best Awards or the success story behind and ever growing diversified links with co-operates sector clients and gaining project opportunities from various new clients on their high recommendation have been resulted stable, passionate, evolution of the firm as of its status today.