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Market Square - Walgama

Influencing from the significant Architectural Characteristics of Star and Dutch fort, Nupe Ancient Market Buildings, this introverted Public Market was designed in a combination of open and enclosure facilitating public market functions. The Market stands at the node of Walgama, creating an entry from the Galle –Matara Road with the aim of regenerating the town’s urban fabric. The building provides an attenuation for a memorable character to evoke a traditional urban space. The Market provides a platform for urban sellers enabling chaotic functional requirements including fish and meat stalls along with vegetable massa and groceries at upper level. Permeability is ensured from two roads creating a positive response to the node in means of vehicular and pedestrian patterns. The Rustic robust structure and finishes enhances the spatial quality while the chaotic actions of public are absorbed positively, minimizing maintenance and weathering to enhance the Architecture that grows with the passage of time.