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Dr T House - Colombo 07

This is a unique residence which is partly used for meditational activities. The house is formed with two linear blocks; a single storey living, visitors’ dining and main bed space with entrance promenade; and a linear, cascading water body separates the two storied bed rooms, car park and services block with upper level central meditating chamber. Exclusive access for 10- 15 visitors to directly enter to the meditation chamber along the entrance path across the central floating series of steps avoids main spaces of the house; ensuring maximum privacy. Rear space also used to accommodate sand walkway - “Sakman Maluwa” for meditation. Although centrally located; the meditation chamber ensures silence and seclusion from the rest of the house and its immediate urban context. Carefully selected finishing palette merits the special function of meditation offering a minimal ambience with simple, straight, axial geometry of space and pure, clean, sleek finishes and high ceiling volumes of spaces create a relaxed, calm feel within the entire residence.