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Rahula College Redevelopment - Matara

Two main wings of Rahulla college’s Old Boys Associations of Colombo and Matara branches are the strong pillars behind the success of the above project. Mahapola Scholarship fund is the major funding source for the project and Sri Lanka Army along with the Ministry of Defence and Urban development Authority manages the construction. Young energetic team of Russell Dandeniya Chartered Architects headed by a past pupil of Rahula College along with their team of allied professionals are the creators of this masterpiece. With the rapid development of Matara town and widening of Akuressa road as key entry to Galle-Colombo highway, prominence for the proposed location strengthened. When entering to Matara-Galle highway from Nupe junction the glimpse of the proposed auditorium highlighted as main Architectural Object next to the ancient Dutch market building. New state of the art 1000 seating capacity auditorium is equipped with 300 seat balcony area, a stage, fully equipped changing & control rooms, sanitary facilities, VIP car port with viewing deck facing playground and all sophisticated amenities such as modern audio visual systems and air conditioning system approximate cost of 300 million rupees. The auditorium can generate considerable revenue as rent and planned to recover its cost within a shorter period of time. Special thanks goes to the Principal- Rahula College, Rahula Old Boys Association – Colombo and Matara branches, initiating this project and Ministry of Defence along with Urban Development Authority and Sri Lanka Army for construction and construction management and design team of Russell Dandeniya Chartered Architects and Cluster Engineering (Pvt) Ltd along with their fellow team of professionals who volunteered the building design & quality assurance codifications at last but not least Mr. Dishan Goonasekara the pillar of strength who coordinated with all the parties to make this project into real success.