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The Tea & Herb Company - Ambatale

The Tea and Herb Co. (Pvt.) Ltd; a private limited liability business, established in 1998 is a manufacturer and distributor/wholesaler of premium Teas, Herbs and Tisanes, hail from generations of master planters and dedicated to the art of fine tea. The state-of-the-art production process is within an HACCP and ISO 22,000 certified environment ensuring the highest levels in hygiene and food safety standards. In effect the project ventures to provide a factory complex to house their production, warehouse and administration purposes in achieving the highest standards. It is a simple design of a geometrical form, two rectangular blocks; Production wing and Warehouse wing, centering the Administration block. A huge courtyard was created in the middle centering three wings by preserving the existing ‘Bo’ tree. Although it is an industrial building, the design constraint the project has undergone was to create a building of an Institutional character. Therefore the finishes and detailing was done as to generate an institutional quality other than the quality of a typical factory. Block walls, insulation claddings and plastered walls were weighted on the exterior of the building, while smooth and sleek quality was given to the building interior. Materials have been selected and the production sequence was been planned out as to maintain the HACCP & ISO standards, which they have achieved, and maintained.