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Lanka Mineral Sands - Pulmoddai

Re development plans for Lanka Mineral Sands Ltd- LMSL was a recent ongoing phased project of RDCA including Designing of new buildings, upgrading of existing facilities by renovating of existing buildings to fill the collage of the master plan to meet perfect functionality of state of the art production procedure and healthy working environment for residing employees of this very exclusive mineral sand filtering factory. Pulmoddai where LMSL plant is situated was isolated in every sense of the world during the civil war of 30 years. In 2010 the village become accessible with roads repaired , reliable communication lines installed , and transport services normalized , improved electricity supply, availability of goods and services , easing of difficulty in recruiting professionals etc. LMSL will now leading to catch the loss time intern dropped production with lag time with autonomy by dynamic top young management with very experienced expert consultants of their own to magnetic separation of illmonite in the process of high tension timely proven electrostatic and electrodynamics systems of 100 years old fundamental techniques. This drift needs to make maximum possible production with motivation of employees by providing reasonable working environment, lodging facilities and attractive green landscape replacing the harshness of very hot and dry weather unique to the region. RDCA presently completed the Master Plan Development of the whole complex to full gear for the production including Entrance building with Auditorium, medical center, canteen and renovation of main plant, worker’s facilities designs for Engineer’s quarters , three story 12 unit staff quarters (3 numbers), 36 unit Bachelors Quarters, recreational open air amphitheater and multi religious buildings for multi religious workers to live in harmony, including a temple, catholic church and a mosque.